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Large Argentinean Red Prawns


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Red prawns are caught in the South Atlantic, off the coast of Argentina. As the name must suggest, the prawns are red when they’re caught. Other prawns tend to be a blue/grey colour before they’re cooked and then turn the familiar pink. Red prawns are known as the sweetest in the world. The quality of taste and texture of red prawn have even been likened to lobster. This variety of prawn is also much large in size in comparison to other wild-caught prawns.  Caught in Argentina, coming to us via Galicia and Wards Fishmongers in Birkenhead – Lunya’s fish supplier for 10 years and the UK’s best


The very same king prawns we serve in the restaurant for our Gambas Pil Pil. Caught in the South Atlantic Argentinean coast, peeled and frozen at sea.  These are large and sweet.   We use them in the restaurants and are the best prawns that you can find – very different to the frozen rubbery ones often found in supermarkets.   Each bag typically contains at least 50 large peeled prawns, each with a frozen glaze, enabling small quantities to be defrosted at a time.

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