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La Peral – per 200g


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QUESOS LA PERAL SL has been producing blue cheeses since 1923, the factory is now run by the third generation of the same family. La Peral is made by third generation cheesemakers Esther Alvarez and her husband Jose Luis Lopez at the family’s dairy. They have been making cheese here from the early 1900s. La Peral is named after a local village.


This mild blue cheese from Asturias, is made with pasteurised cow’s milk, to which a small amount of sheep’s cream is added.  La Peral has a yeasty, briny aroma and the paste is ivory coloured, lightly speckled with blue moulds. The taste is mild and creamy with notes of white mushroom, developing a bit of spice as it matures. It works wonderfully as part of a cheese board and pairs beautifully with our fig and almond wheel and a PX sherry, such as Noe.. During production the curd is inoculated with Penicilium mould which gives the cheese its blue characteristic, and wheels are matured for a minimum of two months and up to five months. It’s stunning

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Milk (pasteurised)