Hatziyiannakis Crete Lemon Dragees


Lemon pieces in syrup & milk chocolate coated with a thin layer of sugar, from Hatziyiannakis of Greece looking like real pebbles

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Hatziyiannakis Crete Lemon Dragees online

The magic of the Greek Islands is transformed into tasty pebbles! Each flavour is a unique journey to pleasure!

Inspired by the Greek Islands and made to look like real pebbles, Hatziyiannakis dragees have a core of whole fruits in syrup, then coated with chocolate and a very thin layer of sugar to give a sweet of exceptional quality and taste.

The production of dragées has been the principal activity of Hatziyiannakis since the 1950s, but it has also adopted today’s requirements with new and exciting product innovations of exceptional quality, taste & texture.

Hatziyiannakis Crete Lemon Dragees are part of the Hatziyiannakis range we have in our shop here

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