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The name Gaia stands for Mother Earth in Greek mythology, a reminder of the winery’s dedication to organic and biodynamic viticulture.

The Sauvignon Blanc grapes come from some of Masia Con Mayol’s highest vineyards. At 700m they provide the wine with intense freshness and acidity and a flinty character.

But the uniqueness of this wine is to be found in the blend: while 80% was matured in a stainless-steel tank, 15% of it was transferred to amphoras over the winter, and the remaining 5% come from a chestnut barrel. The result is a a wine with multi-layered complexity, showing varietal definition, an expression of its terroir and the winery’s own interpretation of the variety.

Loxarel is the brand name of the 4th generation family owned estate which, under the vision of Josep Mitjans, converted to organic production in 2002 then biodynamic in 2005.

Highlighting their concern for the environment, labels take their names from Goddesses of earth and fertility in Greek and Roman mythology. The Loxarel range mixes modern experimentation with tradition; organic and bio-dynamic certified, all the wines are bottled unfiltered.


A glorious top-end Catalan Sauvignon Blanc, with a beautiful label and waxed top – making it perfect for a gift to impress at a dinner party.  Clear and pale with a lemon peel hue. On the nose, the typical sharpness of herbaceous and citrus characters is balanced with riper peach and lychee, and completed by a hint of blossom and acacia. Dense, ample in the mouth, first delivering on grass, fennel and lemon, moving to more complex tropical and stone fruit notes. Mediterranean herbs, flowers, citrus and a touch of honey complement a more mineral, lingering, clean finish.

The full complexity of the wine is best appreciated when paired with rich fish, white meat and Catalan cuisine. Organic, dynamic and suitable for vegans.


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