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Casademont is the success story of a family: From its origin –in a small workshop in Girona where Jaume Casademont and his family elaborated great quality salami (fuet)- to become a leading company of fuet and butchery products, one of the first companies in bringing the artisan product to all homes.

Their story started more than 60 years ago when Jaume Casademont decided to continue the butcher tradition of his parents and grandfathers – who elaborated fuet at the family’s farmhouse from the beginnings of the century- and opened in 1956 a small workshop to produce different types of selected sausages, especially fuet, their flagship product.

The workshop kept on expanding. In the 60’s, Casademont built a 2.000m2 factory in the centre of Bescanó (Girona), followed at the end of the decade by another factory of 3.500m2 at the outside of Sant Gregori (Girona). In the 70’s, the heavy demand took Jaume Casademont to expand Sant Gregori’s factory to 25.000m2, representing a big improvement for the company at that time. Since then, they have expanded and improved their installations over the years. Nowadays we have a 40.000 m2 factory and the experience of six decades elaborating fuet, which makes us leaders in the sector.

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Fuet with Figs.  A stunning modern take on traditional fuet.