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Forzudo Rojo Vermouth


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This red vermouth is in a beautiful 1L ‘Grolsch-style’ bottle with a ceramic and rubber push stopper – meaning you can reuse the bottle afterwards.  Hailing from Leon, this is a  more modern approach to this traditional drink, Forzudo use indigenous ingredients with a modern twist. Based in León, Vermouth Forzudo wormwood, coriander, brown orange, boldo, mint, cinnamon, cardamom, thyme, vanilla, gentian, rhubarb and one other very secret ingredient. Doña Blanca wine is used due to its taste, complexity and aroma, and becomes the best ally of those seeking surprise and novelty in the classics.  To serve – simply fill a tumbler with ice and pour over the vermouth with a slice of dried grapefruit. 18%, 1000ml

All presented in a beautifully decorated bottle


Vermouth (or Vermut as it is called in Catalunya) has taken Spain by storm in recent years.  It has become the drink for your Sunday morning stroll, or for those in the know, anytime!