The Calçotada is one of Catalunya’s most traditional of festivals. Celebrating the unusual Calçot, a type of onion, similar to a leek and spring onion, but very different too! Tradition is that they are charred over burning coals, wrapped in newspaper and served with Romesco sauce, followed by lots of char-grilled meat

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Calçotada is an annual event in Valls, Catalonia celebrating the harvest of Calçots. They are grilled over a hot fire, wrapped up in newspaper, served on terra cotta tiles and eaten, after peeling with bare hands, by dipping them one by one in romesco sauce and are accompanied by red wine and bread. Then follows a course of grilled meat and white beans. For dessert, oranges and white cava are served.

The origin of “Calçot” is the way the sprouts of garden onions are planted, covering them with earth so a longer portion of the stems remained white and edible. That action is known in Catalan as calçar, (a Catalan agricultural term which means to cover the trunk of a plant or vegetable with soil. As the plant grows, the soil is continuously added, i.e., “calçar”), hence the name calçot.

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