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Pastura truffle cheese has a soft and dense texture with crushed Italian black truffles. It combines the delicate and fresh aromas of a young ewes’ milk cheese with luxurious, earthy truffle notes. Elegant, deliciously balanced between sweet, creamy and mushroomy flavours.

An award-winning cheese from the family-run Finca Pascualete estate in Extremadura, Spain, where cheese-making began around the beginning of the 13th century. Today, the cheeses produced are a result of the combination of centuries-old traditions with the most advanced technology and new health regulations, and achieve a unique high quality capable of surprising the most demanding of palates.

A natural white-mould rind, firm yet creamy texture, with small shavings of black truffle dispersed throughout, this pasteurized ewe’s milk cheese is a new addition to the Finca Pascualete cheeses, and is quickly conquering cheese lovers everywhere.

Cheeseboards are ideal for dinners, parties, picnics and anytime you’re with friends.

If the main dish of the meal you are serving is bold in terms of flavour we would recommend a selection of full-body cheeses. If your main dish is subtle and light, then a selection of cheeses with lighter flavours may be preferable.

We would recommend you aim to build your cheeseboard with cheeses that offer a variety of textures and a combination of soft, hard and blue cheeses to accommodate all palates.


Creamy sheep’s milk cheese with the delicate flavour of Italian truffles

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