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Panforte, a traditional Italian Christmas treat of pressed fruits and nuts

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Panforte is a traditional chewy Italian dessert containing fruits and nuts. It is similar to a florentine but much thicker and larger, or a little like a Lebkuchen. It may date back to 13th century Siena, in Italy’s Tuscany region. Documents from 1205 show that panforte was paid to the monks and nuns of a local monastery as a tax or tithewhich was due on the seventh of February that year. Literally, panforte means “strong bread” which refers to the spicy flavour. The original name of panforte was “panpepato” (peppered bread), due to the strong pepper used. There are references to the Crusaders carrying panforte, a durable confection, with them on their quests, and to the use of panforte in surviving sieges.

The process of making panforte is fairly simple. Sugar is dissolved in honey and various nuts, fruits and spices are mixed together with flour. The entire mixture is baked in a shallow pan. The finished disc is dusted with icing sugar. Commercially produced panforte often have a band of rice-paper around the edge.

Morbido’ is the softer, chewier version of panforte, filled with dried fruits and nuts. Great with after dinner coffee – even better with a glass of dessert wine!

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