Crunchy Sea Salt Peanut Butter 365g


A scrumptiously crunchy peanut butter with just a hint of sea salt to give it that traditional peanut butter taste. Made from 100% organic nuts, it is free from palm oil, sugars, corn syrups and hydrogenated oils.

Spread generously over bread, toast and crumpets, or use as an ingredient in sweet and savoury dishes.

Product Size 365g

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Buy Crunchy Sea Salt Peanut Butter online from the Lunya Deli.

The Funky Nut Company are a local supplier based on the Wirral.

If you like your nuts on the salty side, then this crunchy peanut butter is the one for you.

  • Vegetarian & vegan friendly
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • High in proteins and healthy fats
  • No added nasty salts, sugars or palm oil
  • Great as a spread, try it in sauces, soups and savoury bakes

Cashew. Almond. Peanut. Hazelnut. Pistachio. You name it: there’s a nut butter! But with more on the market than ever before, how do you know which is the right one for you?

Want the the nut butter lowdown. Here’s our take on the top nut butters: from the highest in protein to the best one for your omega 3 hit.

Looking to top up your vitamins? Try cashews.

As well as being high in protein, cashews are also jam packed full of nutrients. They’re a good source of iron (great for vegans and vegetarians), zinc (which helps with everything from boosting our libido to support or immune system and magnesium (amazing for joint pain). If you want to treat yourself, check out the limited editionEaster Egg Cashew Nut butter-its added milk chocolate will give you a calcium hit too!

Upping your fibre? Try pistachio

While all nuts are incredibly healthy, pistachio is perhaps the most virtuous of the bunch. It’s rich in antioxidants and extremely high in fibre. It contains vitamin B6 which is known for its mood boosting properties and potassium (a key nutrient for our nervous system). Why not try Funky Nut Co’s pistachio nut butter? It contains nothing but pistachios with no added nasties; making it suitable for those on a paleo diet too!

On a dairy free diet? Try almond

Almonds are great for those on a dairy free diet- since they’re a plant based source of protein and calcium.You can even make your own almond milk by simply adding a cup of water to 2 teaspoons of almond nut butter. It’s great adding to porridge and popping in smoothies too.

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