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  • Made from unpasteurised 80% cow’s milk 20% goat’s milk
  • Semi-hard yet creamy texture
  • Fruity, milky, rich flavour with nutty notes
  • Maturation period: 4 months

Cer comes from Vilassar de Mar, a small village in Catalonia. It is produced by artisan cheesemaker Carlos Chico using longstanding traditional methods.

Cer is an ideal cheese for a cheese platter accompanied by quince jelly or a fig jam.

Cheeseboards are ideal for dinners, parties, picnics and anytime you’re with friends.

If the main dish of the meal you are serving is bold in terms of flavour we would recommend a selection of full-body cheeses. If your main dish is subtle and light, then a selection of cheeses with lighter flavours may be preferable.

We would recommend you aim to build your cheeseboard with cheeses that offer a variety of textures and a combination of soft, hard and blue cheeses to accommodate all palates.


 Pasteurised cow and goat’s milk cheese from Catalunya.  Strong, hard cheese – similar to a mature Manchego

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