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Bellota Chorizo – per 200g


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Made with the finest Iberian lean meat from our specimens, Castro y Gonzalez acorn-fed Iberian chorizo is a gift to our sight with an intense orange red color, has a soft and medium hard touch and an intense aroma that highlights the mild paprika used in its preparation. With their intense and penetrating flavour awarded by the Iberian game used in processing, this Iberian chorizos conquer the most demanding palates.
For three generations, since 1910, the Castro y Gonzalez family has had the mission to create natural Iberian products and share their passion for the natural environment of the Iberian pig with its customers. Their Iberian products are a reflection of the environment in which they are born: the meadow, a gift of nature where our specimens grow and develop to provide the best Iberian products.


Superb quality slicing chorizo from Castro y Gonzalez of Guijelo. Belly pork and shoulder pork from their own acorn fed Iberico pigs, gently cured with the wonderful smokiness of piment.  100g piece

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