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Amatllons – small tin


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An irresistible combination of textures and flavours on the palate. Marcona Almonds, toasted and caramelised, covered with white chocolate and dusted with pure cocoa. Presented in a metal box whose design features logos from old promotional objects from the Amatller brand.

At first, pure cocoa powder gives a bitter taste with a lightly astringent touch, which is then offset by the sweet, creamy taste of the white chocolate, in a combination that is enriched by the toasted, caramelized notes and crunchy texture of the whole Marcona Almonds. An irresistible combination of aromas, flavours and textures that is a true sensory pleasure. A lasting flavor.

Amatller is probably the oldest brand in Spain. Since 1797 when the family Amatller began making chocolate, with a small company near Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona, Amatller chocolates are made with the best raw materials in the market.


Tasty caramelised Catalan almonds covered in rich white chocolate, then rolled in cocoa in beautiful packaging.

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Product Size: 35g