We take our responsibilities so seriously in relation to Covid. Right from the start, we have gone above and beyond in relation to our precautions to ensure Lunya and Lunyalita are safe places to visit and that you have a relaxed and enjoyable experience with us. Here is a summary of what we do. We have followed all government guidance (nationally and locally) as well as following all the guidance from our own Health and Safety consultants and the guidance produced by the UK Hospitality Association.

  • We have always been clean but we have really enhanced procedures and frequencies of cleaning to provide as safe an environment as possible.
  • All tables and chairs are cleaned and sanitised between guest visits
  • We take the temperature of our staff at the start, middle and end of their shift
  • There is a sanitiser station at the front doors to sanitise hands on arrival
  • We have a considerable number of sanitiser stations back and front of house to ensure that our staff sanitise their hands between any activity (e.g. each time they bring or take away items from your table), so they are always handling crockery, glassware and cutlery with sanitised clean hands
  • Our deli and kitchen staff wear disposable gloves each time they need to directly touch food and/or sanitise their hands
  • Our bar and deli staff wear disposable gloves whenever they handle glassware or cups near to the rim, or handle ice (e.g. cocktails and coffees)
  • We have a designated safe drop-off and collection zone for your table – which our waiters will explain about
  • We have spaced our tables out 1-1.5 metres to ensure good safe distances between diners
  • Our menus are wiped and sanitised after each use
  • Currently, a face covering must be worn when visiting the deli, and it is now the law, but we ask that this happens even when it is not law
  • We ask that you stay at your table, except to access the toilet, and if you have a mask, to wear it when moving from your table. Please exercise caution when using the stairs and if/when you need to pass, please turn your head for safer passage
  • Our staff do a lateral flow test 3 times a week, when the risk is high, this is done daily

We do not accept cash for any payments – all payments must be by card (preferably contactless – if you use your phone, there is no limit).  Cash introduces germs and potential contamination into our business.