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Serves 10 as a starter


Salt cod – flaked 600g
onions red – finely chopped into .5 cm pieces 250g
green pepper – finely chopped into .5cm pieces 250g
pepper red – finely chopped .5cm pieces 250g
Black Spanish Olives (Empeltre) 250g
Garlic – very finely chopped 50g
Nunez de Prado Extra Virgin Olive Oil 50ml
Aged sherry vinegar 2.5 dessertspoon
Small cherry tomatoes – cut into quarters 100g
Flat leaf parsley – very finely chopped 50g
Fresh lemon juice Half a lemon


Soak the salt cod for 12 hours, replacing the water three times. Each time, wring out the fish and rinse under a running tap, then wring it out again, before putting it in fresh water. Keep the cod and water in the fridge.
Tear up the salt cod into a bowl, add all of the other chopped ingredients and mix.

Then add the Olive Oil, sherry Vinegar and Lemon juice. Mix together, let it marinade for at least an hour.


Put on a small white round plate in a tall chef’s ring (8cm high of food). Put a cherry tomato chopped in half on top and drizzle parsley oil around